Friday, February 27, 2015


As we wrap up one of the coldest Februaries since records began in my area, I'm heartily sick of all things winter.

Drive carefully. Watch your step. Dress with care to avoid frostbite. Plan ahead. Take the safe route.



I want to drive really fast with the music really loud.

I want to be able to forget my jacket.

I want a 30min easy run to take more time than dressing and undressing for it.

I desperately want to go rolling through the forest on my bike, watching the ever-changing dappled pattern of sunshine through the leaves.

I want to run with abandon, not having to second guess each stride.

Instead, my left eye froze shut on Monday's run.

Who needs depth perception when running on snow anyway?

So I'll just have to bide my time and hope the predictions of a cold, snowy March and below-seasonal temperatures lasting until May are merely someone's idea of a sick joke.

Or else..

Oh look, another extreme cold weather warning!

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