Friday, February 6, 2015

Holy doodle!


Fifty thousand views?

That's a whole lot of wading through my nonsensical drivel and endless dorkery.

Having started this weird little corner of teh interwebz less than 3 years ago, I'd never have imagined the wonderful and enthusiastic response I've had from all over the world.

Thank you to all of you for making me feel like my horrible crayon art and verbose ramblings are something more than a waste of effort. I'm truly grateful to everyone who has taken (or feigned) interest in my exploits, opinions and advice.

Right in the feels!

While I'm under no illusions that I'll be nominated for a Webby award or anything, I hope I have at least managed to impart something of value to a few of the magnificent people who've taken a wander through this quagmire of poor decisions and narcissism...even if it's merely to serve as a poignant cautionary tale.

As such, I promise I'll try to generate some actual content for next week.

Thanks again for reading - you guys rawk!

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