Friday, February 20, 2015

No spring in my step

Winter continues to suck.

Every run is another opportunity for frostbite, dehydration from frozen water bottles, illness, or injury from the countless miles of un-shoveled sidewalks.

There's no such thing as an easy run any more. Whether it's struggling through the energy-sucking mess of snow on road or trail, fighting the seemingly relentless wind, gasping for breath through an iced-up neck gaiter pulled up over my face, or just hauling around the heap of constricting clothing necessary to keep all vital bits attached - each run seems to take far more energy than expected, and I'm never sure if I'll have enough to give.

I've even resorted to a couple of treadmill runs on days when things have been especially bad. 

It's still no easier. 

My legs, hips and ankles feel beat up. I can't remember the last time I felt good heading out for a run, or smiled at the thought of getting out for a few miles.

Race day doesn't care how miserable the weather was, though.

So I run.

Just over 4 weeks until the first day of spring..

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