Friday, December 6, 2013

Riding out November

When it's November the 30th and above the freezing mark, you seize any opportunity you can to flee from the trainer dungeon and hit the trails!

Of course I was tied up for most of the day, but finally managed to get out around 3:45pm...with an hour before sunset. Still some beautiful sunshine out in the woods!

I checked out some new-to-me trail along the West bank of the Grand River, and most of it was in pretty good shape...but I totally failed to stop and take photos of the bits where the river had washed out the trail and left frozen puddles. It's quite the experience to ride a bike over glare ice with a skiff of snow on top, hearing it groaning and cracking under your wheels!

I made it through ok, just taking it slow and concentrating on keeping the pedals turning over smoothly. My awesome bike responded perfectly, as though I hadn't shamefully left him sitting in the livingroom for almost the entire summer & fall. Sorry Arven!

Next up was exploring the Trans Canada Trail through Homer Watson Park, which turns out to still be a work in progress. The above photo shows where the beautiful, fresh-laid pavement ends and they've set in what appear to be supports for a footbridge over the little streambed.

I could clearly see that the other side was in fine shape, though, and some people had laid down branches in the mud to form a passable section through the ice and mud. A little bit of hike-o-bike-o and I was on my way again.

I emerged from a very unfinished-looking trailhead on Manitou Drive, near Fairview Park Mall right at the time given for sunset that day, so took the well-lit road route to get back home. I was treated to the incredible display of colour on the cirrus clouds above as I pedaled home to get ready to head to the pool.

Seize your chances to make some memories, and winter training doesn't have to be a drudge! Just remember to bundle up tight, and use a big light to keep yourself safe.

I'll see you out there - look for Tanker and I to be pedaling with The Hub's float in the Hespeler Santa Claus Parade on Saturday!

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