Friday, November 29, 2013


I am incredibly honoured to announce a new partnership for 2014 - none other than the amazing Vanderkitten!

I applied on a whim to their Vanderkitten VIP program because they're a company I can totally get behind - I actually already own a couple of pieces of their kit! I bought them back in August partly because 10% of sales from their store go to support Vanderkitten Athletics - which sponsors a full pro women's cycling team plus some female motorsports drivers and a few other kickass female athletes - but also because I absolutely love their mascot! Her name is Ophelia, and this is one kitten with some teeth!

This mission statement for the VIP program is everything that women in sport really need:

"Vanderkitten is committed to sharing stories of everyday women achieving extraordinary things. In 2013 we created the Vanderkitten VIP program to highlight the stories of inspirational women from around the globe who embodied the Vanderkitten spirit. 

Vanderkitten VIP's act as ambassadors & role models in their chosen sport, creating an athletic community among members in their region and worldwide, and sharing stories of success- from podiums to simply overcoming obstacles in life through fitness & outdoor pursuits. Vanderkitten VIP's receive VIP pricing on Vanderkitten items, access to sponsor "Pro Deals" & an events calendar where Vanderkittens can get together and achieve.

In turn we share your experiences & stories with a worldwide audience, encouraging and inspiring more people to lead active, healthy lifestyles."

Their motto says it all: "Clothing for Women Who Kick Ass!"

I'm so proud to have been chosen to join such an incredible crew of kickass athletes from around the globe, and will do my best to do them proud by encouraging women (and men!) of all shapes, sizes and abilities to find their joy in active living and the rewards of sport. In the meantime, while the temperatures have dropped and the snow has begun to fall, the work has begun to ensure that 2014 will be a season of speed, strength and great adventures!

Leading by example is always the best way, and after all - you can't kick ass without strong legs!

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