Friday, December 13, 2013

I love a parade!

So last Saturday was the Hespeler Santa Claus Parade, in which Tanker and I had been invited to cycle to represent The Hub, an awesome local bike shop. Despite a chilly temperature of -5c/23f brought down to a positively frosty -12c/10f by the howling wind and intermittent flurries, we loaded up our mountain bikes on the rack and headed across town to have some fun.

Dorking it up on the way over.

Tanker elected to wear his enormous down coat for the ride.

I dressed in my Hub kit to represent, but it sure was chilly!

Huddling for warmth.

The parade itself had almost 50 floats this year - bands, a "Polar Express" train made up of a decorated ATV pulling wagons full of kids, and a few other neat sights.

Like this glorious old Packard race car.

And J5 pulling his own little train of elves. Wee Jessie in the trailer fell asleep!

It was heartwarming to see the huge crowds lining Queen Street through downtown Hespeler, waving and clapping for all of the floats as we cycled our way along. Too bad it wasn't finger- or toe-warming, too!

Merry Christmas!

What's a Santa Claus parade without a visit from the big guy himself?

We finished up at a parking lot off the main drag, and managed to get most of the crew together for a photo.

That's right - we had out own cyclist Santa!

Then it was off to The Hub for hot chocolate and snacks provided by Cliff and Meredith for all who came out. Either they spiked the hot choccy with something or I froze my brain solid, because when it came time to get going I decided that Tanker could take the nice, warm car home...I was going to ride!

How bad could it be?

I ripped along the Mill Run Trail as the snow fell around me, pumping the pedals hard to try to keep the blood flowing and warm myself up in the relentless wind.

Blurred by speed, or just shivering?

Through the woods.


I arrived home just a few minutes after Tanker did, with a half-frozen bottle and a huge grin on my face - you only live once, right?

No problem with the water getting warm today..

Still got all my bits!

The Hespeler Santa Claus Parade is just one of the awesome Christmas in Cambridge events, and we're proud to be able to represent both The Hub and the local cycling community by taking part! It also seems somehow fitting that the last cycling event of 2013 be an extremity-numbing trail ride, as the first cycling event of the year was my hypothermic experience at Steaming Nostril. Hopefully 2014 will hold more warmth, but just as much fun!

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