Friday, July 7, 2017

Limbering up to get lost

It's racing time again!


By which I mean I'll be having a "timed adventure" tomorrow, as I have no real hope of doing anything that could be considered "racing" at Limberlost. I'm still carrying some fatigue from Sulphur 6 weeks ago, have only tapered in the last few days from a pretty aggressive month-long build, and the course - a 14km loop through dirt roads and singletrack trails - is reputed to be very technical. Since I have all the grace of a water buffalo on rollerskates, I'll just be spending my 4 laps (well, hopefully 4 laps anyway..) appreciating the incredible beauty of the forest and trying not to fall over or get stuck in a mud puddle.

Speaking of mud - it looks like we're in for some:

Though not nearly as much as there was for the poor souls who raced last year.
Can't complain about this at all, really!

Fortunately we know our new tent is pretty weatherproof, since we'll be camping all weekend! We've got some new kit to try out that should let us have fun no matter what the weather holds...which is a good thing, since there's more rain coming on Sunday morning.

I'm looking forward to checking out what seems to be a gem of the OUTRace series - it feels like ages since I raced or camped, so I'm stoked I get to do both at once!

While Tanker gets to sit and watch me run around in circles all day.

Hope I'm feeling limber tomorrow morning...and that I don't get lost.

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  1. Just yell "get outta the way moron!" as you pass me by, okay K?

    Looking forward to seeing you there!


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