Friday, June 30, 2017

The first half

..of 2017 is done, and it has been rather eventful.

From RUN4RKIDS and Frosty Trail back in January, through Pick Your Poison in April and then Sulphur Springs in May, I have done a lousy job of racing less this year.

A commitment to ultrarunning in 2017 means I've put in less cycling and swimming than I have since I started endurance sports in 2009, but more running than I ever have before. As of yesterday's 7.5km jaunt through the dripping humidity, I have posted my highest-ever 6 month mileage total at 1,603km. Not quite a thousand miles - there was no way I was getting the extra 6-ish kilometers in - but close as makes no odds.

And some of it - like last night's sweatfest - in the best of company.

 I've also just completed the last of my pre-Limberlost build, and have never been so ready for a taper in my life. It's not that the mileage has been that high, but it's still only been 5 weeks since the Sulphur Springs 100k and I'm finding the fatigue hard to shake.

While still putting in enough running to make the podium on the Slowtwitch leaderboard for the past 7 days.

I did take a week off running after Sulphur, but in the 26 days since my return to the trails I've posted 229km - an average of 8.8km/5.5mi per day, which doesn't sound like a lot. when I take out the 3 scheduled rest days (FRIDAY WOO) it becomes 9.95km/6.18mi per day on average. While I'm sure that's a paltry sum for many of you, it has me feeling pretty worn out (and rather whiny) with just over a week to go before a 56km race.

Though I saw some beautiful things along the way.

Fortunately, though, it's now taper time! I have a long weekend to get some extra sleep (I hope..), and some shorter bits of trail that I haven't seen in awhile (or ever) that I'm looking forward to running as I drop the mileage back severely.

I'll be far from bored, though - which I'm sure is better than anyone who read through all that nonsense - since it's a festive weekend in these parts!

Happy birthday Canada!

While we don't have big plans for the sesquicentennial, we still intend to walk down the hill to watch the fireworks at Riverside Park tomorrow night, then celebrate a friend's birthday with wonderful people we haven't seen in far too long on Sunday. I may not even set an alarm on Monday, as I think rest is probably the best Canada Day present I can give myself right now.

Hope you all have a safe, enjoyable weekend whether you're celebrating or not!


  1. BOUNCY Castle!!!!!!!! Does that affect your taper? :D (PS. You are still a nutter!)

    1. There is no known force on earth that will keep me from that bouncy castle. NOTHING.
      Besides, it's low impact, right..?


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