Friday, March 11, 2016


March certainly came in like a lion this year.

On the very first day, we got slammed by the worst snowstorm we'd had all winter. Winds gusting over 50kph/30mph drove thick flurries of snow sideways through the streets, causing whiteouts and slippery roads throughout Ontario and Quebec. Tanker and I agreed that any attempt to try to make it to the pool would be foolhardy, so we hunkered in for the night like sensible folks.

After I went for a run, that is.

You expected something different?

The streets had a bit of a dusting of snow when I set out. Forty five minutes later it was 2"/5cm deep and I was worn the hell out. I didn't know if I'd make it in to work the next day since that was only a quarter of the minimum amount of total snow they'd predicted would fall through the night.

Fast forward precisely one week.

Subtle differences.

Same spot, at almost the same time of day. That's my longsleeve shirt from Sulphur Springs last year - not a jacket. And yes, those are shorts. After dark. FOR REALZ.

I haven't worn a jacket all week to run, and have had at least some portion of my legs bare every evening (I did wear knicks on Monday & Thursday as it was below 10c/50f and after sunset). The snow that covered the streets so thickly last week has been reduced to tiny, furtive heaps where it had been piled extra deep by plows or people shoveling. 

The grass may still be brown and the calendar may not say so, but Spring has - in fact - sprung.


It even hit 20c/68f on Wednesday afternoon, when I had the good fortune to have my bike at work. The wind may have been gusting up over 40kph/25mph in exactly the wrong direction, but I was riding around in knickers and a t-shirt. A damn t-shirt!

Even on the way to my Mum's as the sun was setting!

So I'm slightly in a tizzy right at the moment, because even if it wasn't the hardest of winters it's still incredibly exciting to be able to ditch the layers and feel the sun on my skin again. 

I'll have even more opportunity to do so next week - don't forget to set your clocks ahead this weekend, folks!

What a difference a week makes.

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