Friday, May 15, 2015

Pack it up, pack it in

..then pack it back out again, 'cause that's how we roll.

After I went solo backpacking last September, Tanker heard my stories from the trail and looked at my photos.

He got the itch.

We've only gone backpacking together a couple of times, and one of those isn't worth speaking about. Really, our only trail-bound adventure was in September of 2013, and we had an absolute ball.

He asked me to take him out again, and who am I to resist such a request?

Ready to rock.

Tonight we travel to Kingston for a night in a hotel, then make our return to Frontenac Provincial Park tomorrow morning. We paddled there for 4 delightful (if marginally damp) days last summer, and Tanker was quite taken with its rugged beauty and serene waters.

While we'd done a day hike to the first lake on which we'll be camping this weekend (Lynch Lake), our journey this time will take us to a different section of the park than we'd visited previously, so we won't just be traversing the same areas by a different mode.

Devil Lake or bust!

As is my wont, I've fretted and fussed over packing and watched the weather like a hawk to try to ensure we have the best possible experience on the trails. The trust my sweet husband puts in my trip planning and wilderness leadership skills is sacred to me, and something I do my level best to be worthy of. Fortunately the forecast improved dramatically today, and it looks like we'll have a wonderful long weekend!

Regardless of circumstances beyond our control, though, I'm simply looking forward to the incredibly honest and cleansing experience of wandering into the woods with all that I require on my back. 

And by my side.

It's been too long since I was able to breathe in the fresh forest air of the backcountry, so I'm delighted to be getting back on the trail. As I said to Tanker yesterday when he told me he'd tried (with limited success) to explain the allure of backpacking to some of his coworkers: it's like giving your soul a bath.

Hopefully the sky won't try to assist.

Now, let me begin..

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