Friday, May 22, 2015

Not all who wander are lost

..but I may be completely screwed.

Last weekend was incredible. Tanker and I had the most amazing time backpacking on the trails through Frontenac Provincial Park. The weather was sunny and warm - even too warm at times - all weekend, and if it hadn't been for the vicious masses of mosquitoes plaguing us at almost every moment, it would have been perfect. Even with all the bugs, it was a truly wonderful time anyway - with spring now in full, raging effect, the woods were filled with the brilliant, verdant green of new life and growth.

Almost fluorescent and studded with phlox

Turtle spotted within minutes of starting off

Boardwalks through the muddiest spots

Bridges over streams

Wildflowers everywhere

Flowing water

Leopard frog


Hiding from the mosquitoes

Lynch Lake before sunset on Day 1

Mist on the water at dawn on Lynch Lake

Filtering swampy water

Bullfrog in Lynch Lake

This rat snake swam right past my boots!


Sticky little leaves

Backpacking trail or goat path?

By yet another beaver dam

The only time you'd catch a breeze was near a lake
Rathkopf Fen

Muskrat chomping on the tender, green shoots at the water's edge

Fire at Devil Lake on Day 2

The perfect trillium, right outside our tent at Devil Lake

Sunrise on Day 3

Headed back toward the trailhead

Incredible rock formations

Soft, pine needle-strewn trail

A quick break in the hot sun by Little Clear Lake

Tangled roots

Old Thor helped build mining & logging roads, but was abandoned 60 years ago

Lively brook

Huge shoulders of rock near the trailhead

One of the many juvenile garter snakes

Peace and contentment

Tuesday's return to work brought reality crashing back, but even that was nothing when compared to the anxiety that's been growing in me all week.

The Sulphur Springs trail races are tomorrow morning, and signing up for the 50k all the way back in December seemed like an innocent enough idea. Now, here I sit with my heart in my mouth, knowing that I've only done one "long" run over 25km and only a single run over 3 hours (my mediocre attempt at the Pick Your Poison 25k four weeks ago). I've also got barely any sleep this week, and feel like I might have caught a smidge of a cold.

I'm undertrained, overweight, and rather petrified.

Fortunately, I have 2 things going for me:

1) Since I've never done Sulphur before, I am reasonably content to just "tourist" my way through this race. My only goals are to finish it, and enjoy the beauty of Dundas Valley Conservation Area along the way.

2) Per the Participant Guide, I have 14 hours to finish.

I may take all of it.

But really, it's just another wander in the woods, right?


  1. it was my first go at Sulphur too kristina ... and i think as newbies we both did awesomely well!

    like you needed 14 hours ... pshaw. :)

    1. Well you never know how the day will go until you get out there! Pleasure to meet you Patrick - congrats on a great race, and glad you enjoyed the lovely trails!


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