Friday, June 13, 2014

Welland proper

In a rather dramatic change from the last 4 years, I will not be racing at Welland this year..


Tanker and I have been doing relay tris together since 2010, back when Belwood was part of that other series. I do the swimming, he goes out and KICKS ALL THE ASS on the bike, then I plod my way around the run course. We have fun, then go out and eat too much food, drink an adult beverage or two, and call it a day.

Artist's conception of the canal swim

We've only ever done Belwood as the relay race. It's close to home, it's usually on the weekend closest to my birthday, and it's a pretty spot. Tanker has raved about how lovely the bike course is, which prompted the change for this year - I'll do Belwood as a stand-alone race, and we'd pick another venue for the relay.

Welland was a natural choice. Apart from being one of my favourite places to race, Tanker was attracted by the pancake-flat bike course - he's not fond of climbing. As a bonus, a large portion of the 30km out-and-back runs alongside the old canal, which tends to be filled with water lilies.

Artist's conception of Tanker laying the smack down.

So we'll pack up tonight and race in the morning, then once we're done the plan is to head down to Niagara Falls and take in some of the sights along the Niagara Parkway. I'll be bringing along my 'cross bike so we can do some leisurely pedaling, hit up a gluten-free bakery, check out the falls, then head on home for the afore-mentioned adult beverage or two.

The bowling shoes will be in full effect.

We may be fast - we may not. Who the hell cares? It's supposed to be a lovely day, and I can't think of any better way to spend it than with my darling.

We'll even get to cheer on a friend of ours who is doing her very first triathlon after years of duathlon and taking the last year and a half to learn how to swim. Great to see a fellow Vanderkitten VIP conquering her fears and kicking ass!

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