Friday, October 18, 2013

The Campsgiving Triathlon

Both Lake Huron and the air temperature were a bit chilly for a swim, so instead at Pinery Provincial Park I ran, cycled and paddled! Plus, of course, a ton of hiking - we did 7 out of 9 interpretive trails (one of which I ran), tried out a tandem bike on the 14km Savannah multi-use trail, and got our new-to-us canoe in the water of the Old Ausable Channel for a couple of glorious hours.

Running the Cedar Trail through the oak savannah

After our slightly petrifying ride on the rented Norco Cape Cod tandem bike

She may not be much to look at, but she's watertight and she was free!

The legs are slowly starting to come back, and having set a 7sec PR for 200scy free in the pool on Thursday night, I'm pretty sure I didn't lose much by missing a couple of swims over the weekend, and even if I had, the sunsets alone were worth it.

The best kind of Thanksgiving is one that gives you even more for which to be thankful, and this was certainly the case.

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