Friday, October 11, 2013

Carpe tempestas

After what qualifies as success at Run for the Toad last weekend, I'm in hardcore recovery mode to try to get myself back up to snuff. Why? Because I'm bad at doing things that are good for me, and terrible at saying no to amazing events.

Tanker just shakes his head.

Horror Hill is probably my favourite race out of all that I've done. I've done the 6-hour every October since 2010 (when I really had no business even attempting it - the longest I'd ever run was 25k/3 hours!), running through sun, wind, cold and even relentless, pissing rain. I love almost everything about it; the people are incredible, the wooded course is beautiful (if a tad repetitive), and having an aid station available every 2.5km - the length of the loop - makes nutrition and hydration easy as pie. Tanker loves volunteering at the aid station, helping other runners out and chatting with people, and if it weren't for a couple of leg-destroying hills in the forest it would be an idyllic event. Even with the hills, it's still a bundle of fun, and at least you have a really good excuse to walk every few minutes.

Having just run longer than I've ever managed before, and with only 3 weeks between Run for the Toad and Horror Hill, I'm sure this will not be a PR year for me. You know what? I'm totally fine with that. I'm really just going to hang out and enjoy, and if I have to walk the last 4 hours that's exactly what I'll do. As long as I come out of it without an injury and with a smile on my face, I'll have got out of the "race" exactly what I want. You should come hang out with me - if 6 hours sounds like a bit much for your taste, they also have 3-hour, 10k (4 loops) and 5k (2 loops) races. It'll be fun; promise!

It probably won't snow.
(Image from Frosty Trail - the January version of Horror Hill)

In the meantime, the business of recovery continues. I've rode my old mountain bike once (my usual Wednesday night ride to my Mum's), got a couple of swims in this week, and have run every evening since Tuesday. Not long, and certainly not fast or flashy, but last night my legs actually felt pretty good. The thing will be not to overdo it, and in order to prevent myself from accidentally training for 3+ hours tomorrow, we're buggering off.


The weather this weekend is supposed to be incredible - I can't recall another Thanksgiving when the predicted daily highs were in the high teens to low twenties (Celsius - high 60's Fahrenheit), with quite moderate overnight lows (5c/45f). Furthermore, we were given a canoe the weekend before Run for the Toad which we have yet to use, and I can think of far worse ways to spend an afternoon than paddling on the Old Ausable Channel. With the canoe on the roof of the car we won't be able to bring our bikes to check out the 14km Savannah Bike Trail, but that's ok - the park store rents them, and we can even try out a tandem! There are also a bunch of walking trails for us to check out, and for me to maybe do a bit of running...but not too much.

Happy campsgiving!

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