Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to the beach!

It's here already - the last tri (for me) of the year. Of course, I've done some really serious bike mileage to prepare - over 700km just last weekend alone!

These don't count, do they? Bugger..

Yeah, that's right. My idea of training for an Olympic distance triathlon is to spend the 3-day weekend beforehand at a motorcycle rally, getting up to some rum- and moonshine-fueled shenanigans and a modicum of hooliganism. I still have some bruises on my right shin from the "pool", about which I decline to elaborate.

It pleads the fifth.

In reality, I did get a lot of running done in prep for the Toad 50k, and only had a few drinks on Sunday night. Yes, I'm still lame and boring even when I go hang out with bikers. In order to keep things interesting for tomorrow's race, then, I've been surviving on about 4hrs of sleep per night all week, caught a mild case of the sniffles, and utterly failed to taper.

It's about time this graphic existed. It's an every-day occurrence.

Fortunately, this race is just for pure fun. Wasaga Beach is one of my favourite venues - I get to swim at the longest freshwater beach in the world, cycle a relatively easy course, then run along the boardwalk and through Wasaga Beach Provincial Park.

Now that's a run course!
Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Even better, come Sunday morning I'll be heading out onto the chilly blue waters of Georgian Bay in a kayak to volunteer with the water safety team for the sprint race! At this point, it really doesn't matter that I've got bugger-all for cycling fitness and am carrying too much fatigue to race well - it'll just be about enjoying the day at a venue that means a lot to me, and finishing with a smile.

Perhaps even a leap, as in 2010.

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