Friday, October 26, 2012


Waaaahhhhh! I broke my toe on Sunday night, taking off my stinkin' pants to get into bed!

Monday morning - not so bad, but how am I supposed to flip people off with my foot now?

Monday night - HORROR!

Friday morning - less horror.

Waaaaahhhh! I rode my old mountain bike on Wednesday, and realised that the buttery carbon frame and squishy fork on my new bike have totally ruined my affinity for full rigid steel!

Like an abusive boyfriend: I love him, but kind of hate myself..

Waaaaahhhh! It's going to be all raining and crappy for Horror Hill tomorrow!

Feels like ONE DEGREE?

Waaaaaahhhhh! I think I may have eaten something gluten contaminated from the Bulk Barn yesterday!

I do occasionally wear something non-spandex.

Waaaaaahhh! I'm probably going to catch a horrible cold from running around in circles for 6 hours in the pissing rain, assuming I don't fall on my head (or worse: my wrist) slipping on one of the muddy hills or tripping over a root!

Best case scenario.

But you know what? It's still going to be fun! I've also got some gluten free cookies and tortilla chips ready for the aid station, because ultrarunning is kind of like a Gallowalking festival smashed together with an eating contest and even my beloved vanilla latte mix of EFS Liquid Shot gets a little old after awhile. I'll be out there with some really wonderful people from the ultrarunning community, and even more importantly I'll have Tanker there - not only do I get to see him every 2.5 kilometers at the aid station, he's actually doing the 5k so we'll be running the first two loops together!

No, I'm pretty sure I won't be setting a PR for this course - the mud and my lack of long run training should see to that - but it's the last race of the season and a great one to just cruise through and drink it all in. Afterwards, bring on the food - I've already got bacon and brie in the fridge, and I'm not afraid to use them!

No waaambulance required.

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