Friday, October 19, 2012

Less than 8 months later..

Thanks to you awesome people, I've broken 5,000 views on the blog today! While I find it difficult to believe there are an average of 20 people per day who are so hopelessly bored that reading my meandering prose seems an attractive option, I can't help but feel loved. Thanksabunch!

That's exactly what I look like when I'm doing a happy dance.
No foolin'.

I'm actually starting to get my legs back a little after Vulture Bait, and just last night put in my first 2,000m swim since breaking myself - I'd done a lot of shorter stuff, but finally sacked up and put in some real work. The wrist itself is healing, slowly but surely - it's still painful doing some everyday stuff (like reaching over my shoulder and grabbing the seatbelt from the driver's seat), and I look like a complete fool trying to boost myself out of the pool one-handed.

I tend to fall over sideways, sprawling on the tile.

Here's the thing, though: I've already put in almost 12,500m more yardage in the pool in 2012 than I have in any other year. Persistence has paid off; while I'm far from fast, I'm one heck of a lot faster than I was in January, and I managed not to lose much speed even after 5 weeks in a cast (during one of which I couldn't swim at all). It's been good physiotherapy for the wrist, too - between swimming and working with therapy putty, I managed to keep a bit of strength and flexibility. Not as much as I had hoped, but it's better than nothing.

Happy putty loves inflicting pain on the broken.

While I'm looking forward to running around in circles for 6 hours next weekend, I have to say I'm also pretty happy that racing season is winding down. It started all the way back in mid-February and won't be over until the end of October. I'm looking forward to having a bit of time on weekends to do the stuff we don't always manage to sneak in, like a bit of rollerblading and hiking in the woods. We even have plans to go check out a new-to-us trail in Guelph this weekend - I can just noodle, take photos and enjoy because I don't really need to do any focused bike training at the moment and need to keep my legs together for Horror Hill.

I'll leave off here, before I end up rambling even more than usual - sleep deprivation and blogging is a terrible combination. 'Til next time, awesome readers - thanks for stopping by!

A big Vulture Bait thumbs up to you!

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