Friday, July 13, 2012

An abundance of riches

It's Friday, I'll be done work in an hour, and I am staring ahead to a weekend filled with more fun and delight than I could possibly deserve.

As soon as I run a couple of quick errands, I'll be off to my Mum's house for a visit. We have a couple of things to do this afternoon, business-wise, but I should get to take my Dad's 2005 Honda 250cc Big Ruckus scooter out for one last little toot! It's all but sold - the buyer will likely pick it up tomorrow - but I can't resist taking it our for one final spin.

Battle scooter!

When 5pm rolls around and Tanker is off work, we'll be jamming up to Barrie to pick up a PFD for me (since mine is horribly old and no longer Coastguard Canada certified) and then heading for Gravenhurst. After checking in at the Oakwood Motel with my sweetheart, I'll have the pleasure of a short run before dinner (chicken fried rice is already packed in the cooler!) and hopefully a decent night's sleep - those have been in short supply, but what else is new?

Not what I usually bring to the office.

In the morning, I am lucky enough to line up with 299 others to race the MultiSport Canada Gravenhurst Olympic triathlon, which will begin with a ride to the swim course start point on the HMS Wenonah II. I may not be perfectly trained or well rested, but I still look forward to the challenge and the thrill of being on course with my fellow athletes, all pushing ourselves toward the finish line.

Photo courtesy of dbernd on Flickr

After the race through the beautiful Muskoka countryside and an afternoon of no particular plans, Tanker is treating me to an indulgent dinner at North before walk our leisurely way back to our hotel for the evening.

Sunday morning will bring another early start, as I'll be borrowing Tanker's bike to ride down to the waterfront again to join the water safety team for the Sprint and GT12.9 races. Once he gets us checked out of the hotel and over to the race site, he'll be running an aid station on the run which I'll join him once I'm done on the water!

To top it all off, I managed to hit my lowest weight in the past 2 years on Tuesday morning, and even got my hair bleached to its blindingly blonde summer condition last night!

Only happens once a year..

A weekend away in Muskoka's transporting beauty with my dearest love, racing AND kayaking? I must have done something right in a previous life. Now, if I can just keep from breaking a toe when entering the water..

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