Sunday, March 4, 2012

Living right - now!

Our beloved Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has started an initiative to get Canadians active and connected in their communities known as "Live Right Now", and my home town is holding onto a lead as the most active community in the country! We even won 500 spirit points for outstanding participation.

Through the Live Right Now Facebook Application, users join groups, take on challenges and attend events related to living a healthy and active lifestyle. Unfortunately, points are generated through social media activity rather than actual workouts, but Cambridge residents have created events and groups that let us share our daily activity and photos from along the way.

The challenge runs through March 18th, 2012, so consider adding the Facebook app and joining the Cambridge Runners Km's or Cambridge Indoor Cycling events, or even the ill advised racing group! Post your photos from trail runs, bike rides, hikes, games, tournaments and anything else that gets you moving.

Whether you're earning points for Cambridge, Ontario, for your own community, or just doing something active to enjoy being alive and feel great, get out there and live right now! Our country - and your own life - will be better for it.

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