Friday, March 16, 2012

Fingers firmly crossed..

I'm not one of those tiny little runner chicks that look like they'd blow away in a light breeze, and I suffer in the heat of summer. One of the reasons I figured Around the Bay would be a decent wheeze is that it's at the end of March; weather is usually getting milder, but daily highs are generally still only 10-15c at most.

This year has decided to be different. We only got out cross-country skis 3 times, we went snowshoeing once, missed snowboarding and tobogganing completely, and golfed in February.


Now, before Spring has even officially begun, the daytime highs have shot up to nearly 20c - a mark that we're supposed to break tomorrow and every single day next week!

This is March in Canada?
I went out for an easy 5k last night, and I might as well have been wearing a lead suit. I huffed. I puffed. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me until I got home and discovered that even after dark (this was 8-8:30pm) it was still 19c. I hadn't run at anything over 11c since October, and even without the sun beating down on me the warmth was taking it right out of me! This doesn't bode well if it's going to be warm on race day, since it usually takes about two weeks to acclimatize, and the race is only 9 days away!

Fortunately, the long term forecast shows the temperature dipping back down to 12c or so for the 25th. That would be just about ideal for me, so now I just have to hope they're right!

This I could handle.

As small consolation, if they're wrong and it does turn out to bet 20+c on race day, at least I have five full hours to finish..

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