Friday, October 5, 2018

Gratitude adjustment

I could feel sorry for myself.

I could cry you a river, though it wouldn't be as pretty as this one.

I could whine about the fact I'm still injured. I could whimper about the forecasted rain for the Sticks n'Stones 50k tomorrow.

Less than bueno.

I could even have a whinge about the fact it's supposed to rain 4 out of the 5 days of an adventure next week that Tanker and I have had planned for months.

I'm not going to, though. In fact, I'm grateful.

Not for the rain - it can bugger off.

I'm grateful that - though I know it won't be terribly comfortable as the day goes on - I have the health to even show up at the start line of Sticks n'Stones.

I'm grateful I can explore beautiful places, both well-loved and yet-to-be-discovered.

I got to run the Royal Rec trail on Sunday for the first time in months!

I am grateful for my wonderful friends and family; the strangers whose good works help my world run smoothly more times than not; the job that pushes me to broaden and deepen my skill set and funds an enjoyable lifestyle; and the energy to pursue activities outside of work that challenge me and allow me to grow.

I'm also sincerely grateful to have a friend and partner who supports those pursuits.

This guy right here <3
Look for him at the start/finish aid station all day tomorrow!

So while I could get down about the things that aren't perfect, instead I'll just give thanks for all with which I am blessed.

If you see some dork grinning like a fool while limping along in the rain, say hi as you pass!

And believe me, you WILL pass me.

I'll just be enjoying the journey as much as I can.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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