Friday, March 2, 2018

Ups and Downs

So, I tried running on Tuesday for the first time since I tore my right ankle apart.

It lasted just over 3 minutes. It didn't feel good.

No bueno.

It was definitely optimistic to think I'd be able to run on a Grade 2 ankle sprain after just over two weeks of recovery, but I had to try. It was a gorgeous day, and I'd been stuck at 99.7km for February - it was driving me nuts. I did actually manage half a kilometer before I shut it down, and I don't think I did any real damage - it didn't get progressively worse, but it sure didn't get any better, either.

So, I've been trying to concentrate on and be grateful for what has been improving instead of whingeing on about not being able to run. It's actually a pretty decent list:

  • I'm getting stronger at my rehab exercises. I can do calf raises and walk on my toes, balance on the damaged ankle for 2mins while extending my other leg forwards, backwards & out to the side repeatedly, and even hop from foot to foot without pain.

  • As of Tuesday evening, I am now capable of doing all the kicks for the 4 main strokes in swimming, at least for short periods - I only used the pull buoy for a little more than half of Tuesday's 1,700m. Kicking on my back was too painful up until then and dolphin kick would become so after just a couple of lengths, but I was able to do a couple of 50s of backstroke without issue that night, and can now swim for as much 'fly as I desire. This gives me hope I might be able to try some water running...if I can handle the boredom.

This will not be my expression if you see me flailing my way to nowhere with a floaty belt on.

  • I've been getting some pretty solid bike training in here and there, and as of last night I can actually clip my right foot out of the pedal with no pain if I'm careful!

  • I have been walking a lot on my lunch breaks, and working on pushing my walking pace. This may actually be really good training for some of the longer races I had planned for this year if I'm still capable of attempting them. The lovely weather this week has helped, too - I had no intention of walking on my lunch today, but the sunshine drew me out even if it was windy and much chillier than it has been the last few days.
It was 16c on Wednesday to close out February!

Much more excitingly, I was able to complete my belay course at Grand River Rocks on Sunday, then go back on Monday and pass the test to become belay certified. This means I can top rope climb in the gym, for which we have a 2 week trial membership. 

The ankle won't hurt if I don't let it touch the ground, right?

Returning to top rope climbing after a 20 year absence has been a wonderfully fun challenge, and I'm grateful to be able to do so without pain - it's a fantastic distraction from what I'm not able to do at the moment, while offering its own rewards as I gain strength and expertise on the wall.

The best part of all is being able to share it with my sweetheart as he learns a whole new skill set and learns to push his boundaries to gain some vert.

So proud of this guy!

So, while I could still be crying about my fitness draining away, and how long it will be until I'm able to get out for a run - let alone go frolic in the woods on the trails - I choose to spend my energy working on my rehabilitation and becoming a stronger person, both on and off the wall.

It's hard to feel down when you're this high up.

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