Friday, December 1, 2017

Well Seasoned

I'm bad at off seasoning.

Because this is my happy place.

I have been saying for months now that November would be an easy month - I'd only do short, little runs and take as much time off as I wanted.

..and this is how that worked out.
Green squares indicate days that I ran, with weekly totals at right.

I didn't even manage to take every Friday off running, and that's usually a non-negotiable rest day. I did take last Thursday off, but that was under orders from a medical professional - I'm finally seeing someone about trying to patch up my wonky ankle, and had my first treatment that evening. He told me not to run afterward and I hadn't been able to get out earlier in the day, so an extra day off happened.

Only somewhat grudgingly..

All told I took 7 days off (3 more than I usually would, as there were 4 Fridays in November) and ran 186.8km. It's the second-lowest monthly mileage I've posted this year, so I was sort of taking it easy..

Now, however, it's that exciting time when registration is opening for events in the new year and plans are starting to become concrete. I'm already signed up for the first four events I plan to race in 2018, and it's just a fortnight away from the start of the 100 runs in 100 days challenge. I can almost taste the double run days now..

In the middle of all this, I recently got some stunning good news on a couple of fronts. I'll ask you to wait a little longer before I reveal all of the details (though some of you may already know about one or the other through different channels), but both are things that I feel shine like sunbeams - one on my 2017 season, and one on my future endeavours.

So, regardless of how much I may or may not have rested in my "off" season, one thing is clear: the time is ripe to get it ON!

..and go chase my happy on the trails.

Oh, and just as weird little notes: by the end of last week (Sunday, November 26th), I'd broken my annual mileage record to date. Last year I totaled 2,640.1km - I hit 2,640.4km during the run pictured at top, on the Royal Recreational Trail and have clocked another 30km since. On Wednesday's run I passed 17,000km since I started running regularly in 2008 - just 19 days after the 9th anniversary of the trot 'round my block that started this whole business. If I have my way, I'll be calling on every single step of that training to get me through the challenges I've set for myself for the year to come!

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