Friday, November 10, 2017


It's not that it's unusual for us to get snow in November, but I was not at all prepared to wake up to this:


Ok, I was somewhat prepared - they'd been talking about this Arctic blast coming in for days, and it's not like I don't have an embarrassingly large collection of warm apparel. It's just a terrible shock is all - it had been 16c on Sunday when Tanker and I went hiking in a thunderstorm, and I haven't even needed a jacket to run in yet despite the sun pulling a disappearing act every the afternoon this week..

Stupid time change stealing all the fall colours on the trails - the sun sets before I even leave work!

And now there's this, seen out my front door this morning:


I can't even really say I'm safe from winter's sudden onset in my office, because we're now in week 3 without a functional furnace. As I type this, I sit here in an insulated skirt, wool tights, a wool long sleeve shirt and a heavy fleece sweater - just enough to fight the chill.

In a stroke of comedic timing, the new furnace is supposed to be installed on Monday.

Of course, none of this should be a problem since it's Friday and I always take Friday off from running, right? I can just cuddle up on a nice, warm couch with Tanker, a kitty or two, and a hot cup of tea..

Um, about that.

You see, not only did I get an invitation that was too tempting to refuse, it also happens to be the 9th anniversary of the day I started running. I always try to make sure I run on my runaversary anyway, so why not do so with friends?

Ok, that's a pretty decent reason.
When, however, have I listened to reason?

So, despite having thrown my back out while raking leaves last Saturday and the Hoth-like conditions out there, I'll be bundling myself up in my most Armageddon-y run gear and heading out into the night to run for a few hours with some folks who have been at it all day long.

I'll try to keep up.
Oh, and not freeze to death.

If you happen to be nice and toasty sometime between 9pm and oh, maybe midnight tonight, try to send some warm thoughts my way, ok?

I'll be out here somewhere.
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