Thursday, April 13, 2017

Happily hopping

Last week was a pretty dark time. Acknowledging multiple injuries this close to race season was wholly disheartening, but I was diligent about doing rehab exercises and even - mon dieu! - took Friday completely off from everything.

Seriously. I didn't even walk or do a single stretch band rep. Total rest, despite the sunshine.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, with the temperature climbing into the "spring" range. With Tanker the Wonder Sherpa hot on my heels on his mountain bike, we set out along the Royal Recreation & Downtown Trails in Guelph to test out the effects of 6 days off running. Being fairly flat and well-groomed (and with my sweetheart along to keep me from dodging into the gnarly singletrack that parallels parts of it), it seemed like a good choice to keep things easy to start with.

Even if a bit of it was underwater.
You bet your arse I splashed right through that calf-deep puddle!

 It went ok - my ankle felt great, but there was still a bit of tightness in my hip and quad. I did get about 12km in, though, so felt it was a pretty good day.

Like any day I get to spend with this guy.
Sunday brought another sunny day with even milder air, so after a fun afternoon spent on my motorcycle I headed out for another 8km (which actually turned out to be 9km - whoops) on the Mill Run Trail.

More flat, groomed trail.

I ended up pushing the pace a bit as I hadn't brought a headlamp and the sun would set just after I reached the turn-around in Hespeler. Ordinarily I wouldn't mind too much, but the spring thaw had rather swollen the Speed River, and I didn't really want to try this bit near the 401 after dark:

There is supposed to be gravel trail to the right of the rocks, rather than being a test of my practically non-existent agility.

 Fortunately it all went fairly well, and I was even able to run on my lunch on Monday. I didn't try a double run, partly because I don't want to push things too hard yet, and partly because the wonderful Rhonda Marie Avery - badass ultrarunner and massage therapist extraordinaire - had graciously agreed to see me Monday evening to try to sort out some of my lingering issues.

I didn't cry. I didn't scream. There was, however, some rather pointed grunting.

I left with some newfound mobility in my left hip and some recommendations for stretches, yoga poses, and myofascial release. I've been a good girl and kept up with the rehab exercises, nixed a swim on Tuesday in favour of a bit more sleep to help me recover, and have tried to keep my running as easy as possible as the signs of spring begin to flourish on the trails.

Buds and shoots and green things - oh my!

So far things seem to be holding together, so I have hope that I'll be able to make it through Pick Your Poison without wrecking myself for Sulphur Springs. All I really wanted from the time off was to be able to run consistently again, and that's happening, so I'm happy and grateful that my body is cooperating. While I'm still feeling some symptoms of adrenal fatigue, I may even venture out onto some not-too-technical singletrack this weekend to see how the ankle feels on more technical terrain, and try climbing some moderate hills. I just really want to be able to get lost in the woods for awhile!

Besides, who knows what I might see out there?

Happy Easter everyone!

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