Friday, December 16, 2016

Eight months

Eight months to the day between runs in the snow at Huron Natural Area.

The last time was a catalyst for so much that happened this year.

I abandoned the pavement for my long runs.

I let go of the mindset that walking and stopping weren't allowed during a training run.

I decided to take on the biggest challenge of my life

I found beautiful hidden places in forests that I'd never seen before.

I got much stronger as a runner, and feel like I might have actually arrived as an ultrarunner.

I have set even loftier goals for the future, while delving deep into my own mind to discover the reasons why they're important to me

I have frolicked like a deer through wind and snow, feeling both strong within myself and weak in the face of the incredible power of nature.

I'm facing my fears - trying to break their power over me.

And I wonder who I'll be in another eight months from now.

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