Friday, September 2, 2016

Change of pace

I came to a realization recently: starting with the Conquer the Canuck 50k on June 11th, through the 72km I did at the Dirty Girls 12-hour on July 23rd, and ending with the Iroquoia Trail Test 34k on August 20th, I raced a total of 156km in 10 weeks. That represents twenty-three and a half hours spent ambling around various courses, all in ridiculous heat and relentless sun.

In between those, I ran another 309km in training, and I've run another 58km since Iroquoia. There's also been a bit of swimming and cycling sprinkled throughout that, plus a good chunk of walking and hiking. I even climbed a freakin' mountain in there.

As much as I enjoy the endurance dork life, I'm a tired girl. I've never done more than four 3-plus-hour running races in a year before, and Iroquoia makes five since February in 2016.  Things ache, and kicking my butt out the door to train this week has been particularly tough.

It's time for a break, and I'm taking one.

I'm trading my spandex militia uniform in for my leathers, and hopping on my motorcycle as soon as I get home from work to ride off to a different country. This weekend will be spent marauding around on my (gas-powered) bike and carousing with friends-who-are-family at the annual Great Lakes Rally in Michigan.

I love running through the woods, and was delighted last weekend to discover a new close-to-home place with challenging trails and stunning forest.

Dryden Tract is amazing

This ravine runs throughout the area

Buttery flow along the Grand Valley Trail - some of its 275km path runs through the tract 

And some rather more technical singletrack to keep you on your toes.

This weekend, though, I think I need some fun of a different sort.


Bah, who are we kidding? There are two sets of running kit packed in my saddlebags, and I've already got some routes mapped out.

There's just no help for some people.

I'm not running tonight, though. It's my day off.

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