Friday, August 19, 2016

Will I pass the test?

After all my whining last week, I actually seemed to shape up a bit on Saturday and ran fairly strong at the ever-lovely Huron Natural Area after the tumultuous thunderstorms finally died down.

Leaving behind a double rainbow

I only ran an hour, though, and then went out for another 40mins on the Grand River Trail on Sunday.

Where Tanker left me some trail love as he hiked while I ran.

We did walk another 3km afterward to check out a portion of the trail neither of us had seen before, and were treated to a lovely sunset over the river.

That was it for training last weekend. As stupid as it seems to be tapering for a race that really doesn't mean anything - I don't have any time goals for the Iroquoia Trail Test 34k tomorrow - I'd overdone things the week before and need to be strong enough to take on what promises to be a challenging course

Not to mention a brutally hot, muggy day with a strong possibility of mud.

I've actually been sleeping a lot this week, or at least a lot for me - 7-7.5hrs every night since Monday. I took Tuesday and Wednesday completely off, and have been foam rolling and doing some yoga for mobility. You know, all those things that should help me recover.

I'd love to say it was working, and that I feel great. I'd be lying, though.

I've been exhausted all week in spite of the extra sleep. After twitching through Tuesday and Wednesday with no running, I went out for a ~5k shake-out trot yesterday evening. My legs didn't feel any different than I'd expect them to if I'd been running all week. 

Fortunately, all I really want out of tomorrow is to have some fun on the stunningly beautiful Bruce Trail, hopefully emerging unscathed.

Preferably upright, but I'm not too picky.

My kit is basically all packed up (advantage of not running in the evenings: I have time to do other stuff!), so all that really remains is to see whether or not I'll pass the test.

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