Friday, July 15, 2016

Right where I want to be

I've spent some time whingeing over the course of this year about how much running I've been putting in, trying to whip my arse into some kind of reasonable shape to attempt a 12-hour ultra. I've complained to Tanker that I haven't had time for golf, canoeing, a leisurely afternoon motorcycle ride, or just sitting around the fire in the backyard in ages.

The waaambulance is on its way!

Last Saturday was pretty typical: rolled out of bed around 9am, then hopped on my mountain bike to ride the Grand Trunk Trail down to the Cambridge Farmers' Market.

Morning commute

We grabbed coffee from Roy's Roast at the market, picked up 80% of our groceries for the week from the awesome market vendors, then stopped by Tiny Cakes to pick up something delicious for a post-run treat. Back up to the house for brunch, we had some errands to run and then it was off to Puslinch Tract so I could get in a couple of hours of trail running while Tanker went for a hike.

It was gorgeous, despite the wind and the rain that fell for half an hour or so in the middle (and soaked my phone, requiring a couple of hours in a bag of minute rice to break it out of a boot cycle).

So much greener than the last time I was here (back in May)

Found the funhouse!
These trails criss-cross a valley - almost a mountain bike halfpipe

Lots of rocky, rooty bits in the hardwoods

I finished up just before sunset, then we headed home and Tanker fired up the barbecue to grill some chicken thighs while I made pasta using the fresh peas, mushrooms, and the homemade pesto I'd created out of a bunch of incredibly fragrant fresh basil that we'd picked up at the market that morning.

The only thing that was really different than most other Saturdays was my own perception. I realized that it might not have left us time to hit the driving range or get our canoe out, but I'd enjoyed almost every single minute of my day. From the stunningly blue skies overhead as I pedaled down to the market to the joy of discovering a bit of trail I'd never explored before at Puslinch, every element of the day added something wonderful to my existence.

It might not be for everyone, but I wouldn't really have it any other way. For me, it was a perfect day.

Especially since I got to share it with the one I love the most.

I don't know how he puts up with me.

I'm incredibly happy to be able to pursue my hobbies - sweaty and otherwise - without any impediments apart from time, and so grateful that my biggest complaint is essentially that there aren't enough hours in the day for all of the different kinds of fun I have available to me. How lucky can a girl get?

Wishing you all a weekend filled with joy in your endeavours!

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