Friday, November 13, 2015


Race season is over, and I'm slowly getting my legs back under me.

I waited a full week to run after Horror Hill, which included being beaten up in the most helpful and kind ways by an ultra-badass massage therapist. I did a lot of rehab exercises for my stupid posterior chain (which is causing the knee pain by messing with my IT band), and hoped for the best as I set out on a trail with Tanker the Wonder Sherpa chasing me through some light rain and darkness.

Because why do anything the easy way?

It went poorly. My knee hurt after 20mins, and I was in pretty poor shape even walking the rest of the evening.

We did have a wonderful ride on the Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail on Sunday. It was chilly but sunny, and despite almost all the leaves having fallen, the trail is always beautiful.

Can't complain about this in November
Or really any other time of year.

I took Monday off to do some yoga, trying to treat the injury as an opportunity to do some other things that I seldom have time for. Tuesday, though, I braved the rain and darkness once more...and returned triumphant!


I'm still not strong enough to run back-to-back days, and had some soreness at the end of a 26min run (in 48kph/30mph winds that were gusting to 73kph/45mph and sideways rain) last night, but the knee was ok again this morning from the very moment I awoke. It seems that it's responding to the barrage of exercises, stretching and foam rolling I'm throwing at it, so I have high hopes of carefree runs through the woods before the snow flies.

It's not too much to ask, is it?

Of course, I do need to get the leaves raked, too. Amazing how much stuff gets pushed to the side when racing is afoot!

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