Thursday, April 2, 2015


Quickie today because I have to do ALL THE THINGS. I'm sure they call it "Good Friday" because you're just so bloody happy it won't be as busy as Thursday was, trying to cram in everything you need to get done before the whole world (seemingly) shuts down this evening.

I got to ride my bike at lunch yesterday, and again after work. It was bloody magical, despite not being quite as warm as I'd like to have believed (and dressed for). I went exploring through parks, found the Cooksville Creek Trail, bumped around in the woods a little, and generally enjoyed the hell out of myself in the gorgeous spring sunshine.

Eastgate park

McKechnie Woods
Cooksville Creek

Recently completed Burnhamthorpe Trail bridge

Queensway bikeway

My 3rd trip over Cooksville Creek
Now that there's daylight after work again, I can investigate a route that I started hazily planning last fall that connects pieces of trail through Mississauga so I can mostly ride off-road down to my Mum's place on Wednesdays. Not only will it be safer than navigating the insanity of suburban rush hour traffic, I'm much happier rolling through the scenery of parks and trees than inhaling exhaust and the smell of overheating brake pads.

There is the possibility we might go camping this weekend, but the weather doesn't seem terribly amenable. We'll just take it as it comes and see what we want to do. Hopefully there will be more trails, 'cause there hasn't been anywhere near enough of them in the past few months.


Hope you all have a safe & happy Easter - you can have my chocolate, 'cause I'm still trying to budge this winter insulation!

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