Friday, November 14, 2014

Taking this show on the road

For the first time ever, race season got extended past Horror Hill.

I heard a friend was going to be racing in November, and was trying to set a 5k PR. Because this friend is like family and has made incredible efforts this year to improve his health and fitness (over 30lbs lost and counting - YOU RAWK!), I thought I'd offer to come down and pace him through the race since I've had some fun doing that in the past.

Then it turned out that the race in question also has a 10k which is run before the 5k, and there is the option to run both.


I've been running really well this year. A 10k PR attempt followed by pacing a friend? It would let me get the "racing" out of my system so there's no temptation to take off during the 5k.

Let's do it!

In another first to finish off my 6th season of endurance dorkery, this will also be my international racing debut. The car's all loaded and we're off to the grand old U.S. of A. as soon as we're off work!

I suspect the change of nation won't help with the dorkness.

So, with my calf feeling recovered from its recent tomfoolery, I'll be up at stupid o'clock on Sunday morning to drive from our friend's place up to Plymouth, MI to see if I can't take down my current best 10k time of 52:12. I honestly have no idea what my odds are: I've tapered and tried (with mixed success) to get some rest, and I was running damn quickly (for me, folks - don't get too excited) on Tuesday when I did my last hard push before the race, but there are so many variables it's hard to tell what will actually happen.

I just hope I don't freeze to death.

This is why I have a small running store's worth of clothing with me.

Umm, did we pack the camera? Crap..

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