Friday, September 19, 2014


As always, while racing at Lakeside last Sunday and passing competitors on the way out of the race site, I shouted some words of encouragement to the athletes out there giving their all to reach the finish line. I got word yesterday that one of the lovely ladies at whom I hollered a bit of motivation was a friend of a friend, and this wonderful person (who apparently recognized me) actually took the time to send some thanks my way. Apparently my friendly words had come at a time when they were much needed.

Here's the thing, though: there's never a time on any race course, in any gym or pool, or on any sidewalk or trail where someone couldn't use a kind word as they work toward their goals. It doesn't matter if they're looking to drop that last couple of minutes off their marathon time, pursuing a nigh-impossible leave interval for a set of fast 100s, attempting a 1.5 x bodyweight squat or simply managed to motivate themselves to get off the couch for an evening walk. Everyone's journey is different, but every single person who embarks on the road to improving their health and fitness is worthy of praise.

So if you see someone out there getting their sweat on, why not offer them a kind word? Something as simple as "looking good!", "hey, nice pace!" or "great job - keep it up!" will cost you nothing and might just make the difference between that person getting down on themselves for not being stronger/faster/fitter or feeling great about themselves. At the very least you're almost guaranteed to bring a smile to their face, and that to me is its own reward.

So get out there and work hard in the pursuit of your own goals, but also take a moment to spread some love around. You never know when a kind word might come back to you at the time you need it most!

I've got a thumbs up and a high five waiting just for beautiful, glorious YOU!

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