Friday, May 30, 2014

Race preview: Heels & Wheels 5k

After last week's sufferfest at Woodstock, being sick Monday & Tuesday (not being able to eat anything without crippling abdominal cramps is awesome for getting down to race weight!), and generally feeling beat up and fatigued all week, what makes me think I'm ready to race a 5k?

Absolutely nothing.

I will, however, be running one. Not necessarily fast, but it's rather more important to me that I just show up and do it.

Y'see, the Heels & Wheels 5k is organized by a friend and fellow triathlete whose fate could well have been mine. He was hit by a car while out cycle training in 2011, and his life has been forever changed by that catastrophe. You can read his story here.

The Brain Injury Association of Waterloo - Wellington has been a great resource for Jan as he works through the challenges that have resulted from his crash. They provide support, advocacy and programs that aim to both prevent and help cope with acquired brain injuries - an ally for the community; an educator to youth; a wellspring of knowledge and understanding for survivors and their families & caregivers.

I ran the 5k in 2013 - its inaugural year - simply to support Jan and the BIAWW, while also being privileged to pace a friend through his first race. While I won't be pacing anyone this year, the race and its fundraising goals are just a little more poignant to me this time.

Had circumstances been a little different on May 5th, 2014, I might very well have been seeking their services myself. A great deal of luck and a bit of expanded polystyrene foam are the only reasons I'm still breathing, let alone able to swim, bike, run and race.

It will be hot. I will be slow. I'm still feeling fatigued from the Woodstock Sprint, have no plans to taper, and actually intend to cycle up to the event itself. I'll be lucky to break 30mins with the way my legs have been feeling and the big stinkin' hill in the middle, but none of that really matters.

Sunday I run because I can, and for those who cannot.

Just because I'm alive.

If you would like to donate to the BIAWW to support the excellent work they do, you can do so at this link. I wasn't bright enough to set up a page for myself, so just pick a runner and pledge them - you'll make them feel good while supporting a wonderful cause!

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