Friday, January 10, 2014


Still not back in the pool yet and have not been cycling much, but running continues to happen because there are races coming. It's been cold like we haven't seen in years, if not decades - every single run lately has been a competition to see how much eyelash frost I can accumulate, and it's taken longer to get ready for most of them than it has to complete them.

Nothing much.

Little bit here..


The trails are in horrible shape after the huge ice storm - the local conservation authorities and municipalities have had their hands full dealing with the damaged trees that threaten residences and public buildings, so even weeks later nothing has been done to remove fallen foliage on the multi-use paths.

Wide open here.


Sad to see so many trees damaged.

Near the Hespeler/Sheffield St. end of the Mill Run trail - totally blocked.
Tanker and I did manage to get out for one cross-country ski on a milder day - despite the heavy snow, it was warm enough to go jacketless for an after-dark run!

Fun times!

So much nicer without 20lbs of clothing on!

And now I get to enjoy even more of that, because it's currently above the freezing mark for the first time I can remember (my memory is like a leprechaun - short and seldom to be trusted) of course it's going to rain all the lovely snow away, and continue to rain until we get locked back in the deep freeze again sometime next week.

At least I might get to ride my bike to the market tomorrow. It would like that, assuming I recall how to turn pedals.

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