Friday, August 9, 2013

On the shoulders of a giant

I have always known that my race achievements are not really my own.

For every minute of training, drop of sweat, grunt of effort or early morning I put in, my amazing husband, partner, crew, sherpa, soigneur and best friend has done even more to make sure I'm able to perform at my best.

You're there during the training days when I'm too stubborn to do an out-and-back or start from the house, ready to drop me off at one end and pick me up at the other even if it takes up your whole afternoon.

You're there when something goes wrong and I need to be bailed out, even plunging into a pitch-dark trail on a bike to come and save me in the rain.

You're there making sure we have clean dishes to eat off, and the kitties have their food and water.

You're there sympathizing with me when I get injured, going for walks with me while I heal and doing everything for me when I'm broken.

You're there with me on course for the "just for fun" races, making me laugh at every turn.

You're there making sure we have clean clothes to wear, even patiently hanging the piles of spandex that I go through each week.

You're there putting up with my aloofness and poor attitude when I drift out toward the ragged edge of overtraining.

You're there to keep me company when I'm grinding away on the trainer and change the channel to save me from horrible tv.

You're there doing the driving on our horrible commute, letting me catch a few winks in the passenger seat on the way to work.

You're there making yourself a snack to tide you over when dinner doesn't happen until 11pm...or later...or at all.

You're there to keep me company on a run when I'm feeling grumpy and having a hard time kicking my butt out the door.

You're there schlepping all my gear for me before and after events, even packing up my transition area while I get some post-race food.

You never complain about the late nights of training, the early mornings of races, the expense of race fees or my total dorkiness about all things endurance.

You're there watching the few bike racing and triathlon broadcasts we can catch with me.

You're there telling me I'm beautiful even when I feel like a chubby, sweaty mess.

You're there at every single race, cheering me on and telling me you're proud of me no matter how poorly I've done.

You're there to help me limp to the car and get some food when I've given everything I have.

You're there to let me vent and keep me sane when I get stressed or angry.

You're there with good humour when I'm deep in the grip of the taper crazies.

You're there to mourn with me when someone I love is lost.

You're there to make me smile and laugh, and show me that everything will be ok when all I can see is darkness.

You're there to share in my ideas and schemes, even when they're pretty dumb!

You're there joining in with me, just so we can spend more time together.

You make me try to be a better person for you, because you set such an incredible example.

You make me proud to be your wife.

You make me believe that anything is possible and that there's always something to look forward to.

You're there waiting for me when the day is done, ready to wrap me in your arms and make me forget all of my troubles.

You're still there with me, despite your drinking buddy being replaced with a worn-out endurance junkie who can't eat or drink like a normal human being and does nothing but generate piles of sweaty laundry and dirty dishes.

You're there when I finally wind down training so we can go ride motorcycles, play golf, snowboard, hike, relax, have a drinkie and enjoy ourselves!

You're there every day, making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I have you in my life.

Thank you for being there in a thousand different ways.

I love you sweetness. Marrying you was the best thing that ever happened to me; a gift I get to open again each morning. Happy 10th anniversary, with hopes for a hundred more!

A challenge to my readers today: go thank the person who makes your life and your training (or other hobby/obsession) possible, whether that's your parents, your coach, your spouse or a good friend. They deserve it!

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