Friday, May 17, 2013

Just take it as it comes

I have stated on numerous occasions that I'm a bit of an idiot.

O hai! *derp*

This weekend is a long one for us Canucks, and I'm grateful that it should give me an extra day to get some much-needed training in. It's not that I've really been slacking off, just that there's a small chance I may have slightly overbooked myself between now and the Welland Half Iron.

It all kicks off next Sunday with the Woodstock Sprint. This will be interesting, as I've only been on my tri bike for one real ride (on Monday) since Lakeside last September, and have yet to do any open water swimming. I don't think I'm as much to blame for that as the weather - I'm a bit of a weenie about chucking myself in a lake when it's snowing out, like it did last Sunday.

So, just a little sprint - no big deal, right? Then the following Sunday is the Heels & Wheels 5k in Kitchener. I'll be pacing a friend through that - using it as a training run - and I do actually plan to cycle to and from the race. Again, not that big a deal...but I'd really love it if you could go to this page, select my name from the drop-down menu, and make a donation. There are people living with brain injuries that rely on the support of the BIAWW, and they appreciate every dollar you can spare toward their important work!

The Sunday after that is the 16th annual Cambridge Tour de Grand, where Tanker and I will be riding the 100k route. This will actually be decent training for the half, though it's shameful that I don't have any 100k+ rides in so far this year. I'm totally blaming the weather again. I'm really looking forward to this, as we always have a wonderful time...even when it's about a million degrees out and my bike isn't working right.

Then, just to make things interesting, the following Friday is the Cambridge Classic Mile. As embarrassingly slow as I expect to be (considering I've never run a stand-alone mile in my life and seldom do any speedwork), I can't resist the $4 entry fee and the opportunity to see a true world-class athlete make an attempt on the 4 minute mile. I'll see if maybe I can manage in twice that..

So that leaves me with a whole 9 days until Welland to make sure I'm ready to go.

Ill Advised Racing - truth in advertising since 2009.

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  1. I'll see you and Tank @ the 100K!


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