Friday, April 19, 2013

Get what you give

Because I am exhausted and short on time, please indulge me in a short ramble. I'll punctuate it with some Paris to Ancaster photos so it looks tri-related, but really it's life related.

Wave 4 riding off toward the start of the rail trail. Credit: Ivan Rupes

This week has been one shocking event after another. First the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, then the explosion and tragic loss of life in the town of West, TX, and to top it all off a (minor in comparison) calamity at home that needn't be explained in detail - suffice to say it's a good thing I'm expecting an income tax refund shortly.

Tanker being awesome. Credit: Race Day Rush

In the face of horrible events, we have a choice to make: to lash out with negativity, or to try to overcome and move forward with hope and love. It's so natural to turn to hatred and thoughts of vengeance on those who have done wrong, who have hurt us and those that we care about. Consider, though, that the energy you send out into the world is what will reflect back to you.

Troopers on the Powerline Slide. Credit: Ivan Rupes

You can choose to look toward the light instead of poisoning your soul with hate. It's not the easy route; you'll have to work at it, to let go of the anger and see the positive in a negative situation. It's like cycling up a mountain: you'll have to sweat to make it to the top, but once you get there - once you really free yourself from the dark thoughts - it's like gravity just falls away from you. There air sure is crisp up there, and the view above the clouds is always bright and sunny.

Sunshine on the final hill. Credit: Sportzone

Don't be tempted by the easy downward journey into the dark valley of hate - you'll just have to climb twice as far out the other side to taste that fresh, clean air of freedom.

Race you to the top!

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