Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Giveth and taketh away.

Bonus post: a fun little story from last night's swim.

After finishing up in the pool having done a bunch of drill work, some fly and a bit of IM I go jump in the hot tub to stretch. Young girl on guard comes over to keep an eye on husband and I in the tub (not that we're doing anything untoward, but there's noone left in the pool), then says to me "I keep meaning to tell you, but thought it would be weird to shout from the guard tower - you have the nicest strokes! There's nothing else to do during lane swim but watch people, and I really like watching you." I thank her for her kind words, thinking to myself "all show; no go" but still quite flattered. Finished stretching, I hop out of the tub and walk into the changeroom.

I'm still smiling about the lovely compliment as I enter one of the shower stalls to rinse off. Just as I step in, my foot goes out from under me on the wet tile and I fall flat on my ass

Didn't get a hand down or anything - landed right on the meaty part of my left gluteus maximum with my entire bodyweight, exactly at the point where the floor starts to slope down toward the drain.

I think I'd trade the compliment for not having grout marks imprinted in my butt.

The horror..

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