Friday, January 18, 2013

What do you mean it's race season?

Holy crap, Frosty Trail is tomorrow!

Fortunately, some training has happened. I actually put in a couple of solid 50+km weeks starting with a double run on New Year's Eve, and I've managed to hold together without injury while running through some rather nasty conditions.

My street - the start of most of my runs.

Mashed potatoes snow showing that I really don't heel strike.

I did hill repeats on this. Srsly.

We also had a couple of days of unseasonable warmth and rain, so not only did I get to cycle outside a bit I actually got to do my last long run (a 10 miler on the Cambridge to Paris Rail Trail) in shorts and a short-sleeved shirt at 12c/53f!

Snow all gone.

Yeah, 10 miles is the longest I've run since Horror Hill. It shouldn't surprise anyone that I'm coming into a race a bit undertrained. But hey, at least I've tapered! Except I didn't take my usual extra day off, because I'd slip back further in the Slowtwitch 100 Runs in 100 Days challenge. Oh, and I haven't been sleeping much, because I've still been swimming and cycling plus working a bunch of overtime. I did about 6hrs of training in 2 days last weekend, too.

Ok, let's just say I'm going in undertrained and without really tapering.

However, at least the race won't be horrifically cold and snowy like it was in 2011!

-15c/5f with a little more than ankle-deep snow.

Then this happened last night:

Snowing hard enough I almost had to brush off the car after stopping for gas.

A little snow never hurt on the trails - I've got sturdy shoes and it can't possibly be as cold as the inaugural year. As long as it's not wet and windy like Horror Hill was in 2012, it should be fine!

Maybe I'll just sleep in..

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