Friday, November 2, 2012

Stay tuned..

Having now shot past the last race of the season*, you may be asking yourself:

 "Self, what is this moron going to blog about now that there are no more races on which to report? Will we be subjected to endless minutiae of off-season training, or will this space simply go into hibernation until the next ill advised endeavour?"

Fear not, gentle reader - I have a cunning plan!

Over the next few months, I intend to attempt some content that is slightly less inane than my typical self-centred driveling. Product reviews, interesting workout concepts, and possibly even some n=1 experimental stuff. Prepare to have your socks, if not blown off, then at least gently removed and occasionally laundered!

At best, it'll be useful and relevant. At worst, reading it will still effectively pass another minute or two until you're able to do something far more interesting, like watching coverage of the world championships of grass growing.

There may also be more crayon art.

Hard at work to bring you fresh, steaming content!

Until I actually get off my lazy arse and write something worth reading, I'll leave you with this video to keep you entertained - Hitler gets the results of his MRI:

 (There's foul language in the subtitles, in case you're offended by that sort of thing)

I'll be back next Friday with something - stay tuned to find out what!

* Until I stupidly sign up for something else at the last minute.

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