Friday, September 28, 2012

What'll break first?

So I rode my mountain bike on Wednesday. It didn't totally suck.

I have an annoying creak in the saddle clamp or seatpost, but I can work on that tomorrow. The important part is that I seem to be able to ride it both on pavement and dirt without too much trouble. I can kind of balance my weight on the cast, and have no trouble operating the brakes.

I can't get a bottle out of the cage with my left hand (let alone drink - I can't squeeze), and I don't feel safe controlling the bike with the cast hand while trying to drink with my right. This may present some issues.

I can't switch to a bigger chainring with my hand still on the bars. This may also cause some issues, though I am capable of shifting to a smaller chainring and that will likely be far more critical.


Because I'm really, really stupid and going to line up with Tanker and a bunch of other able-bodied people at the start of the Tour de King on Sunday morning. I haven't even tried to switch from the 50k to the 35k.

So what if I've only been on a bike three times in the last month?

So what if it's supposed to rain and I'm not sure I actually have a jacket that will fit over the cast?

So what if my cast is starting to disintegrate from overuse?

So what if I've almost killed myself nearly every time I've rode that bike?

It's not like I'll have to explain myself to the ortho doc 3 days after the race. Oh, wait..

But really, how bad could it be?

Assuming I'm still breathing and capable of typing, I'll do some scribbling about our trip out west next week. In the meantime, here's a teaser pic:

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