Friday, May 18, 2012

Dug myself a hole

After putting in 8 hours of training in 4 days, I'm buried. My shoulders and neck are complaining about having spent 2.5hrs in aero since Sunday evening, compared to maybe 60mins prior to that in 2012. My legs are positively wrecked from heavy lifting Tuesday morning followed by a 9k hilly run that evening, then 32km of hills and wind on Wednesday's ride. Every time I glance downward, my quads look a little bigger, but man do they ever complain when I try to get them to do something! I've also been sleepwalking through my work week as I haven't been getting nearly enough time in bed (so what else is new?), and have missed a couple of naps. I was tempted beyond measure to bag off training last night, but managed to crank out a decent 5.75km run and 2,300m in the pool. Even sorted out the reason my right shoulder has been acting up while swimming; I was letting my shoulder blades elevate during the pull phase and pushing down at the front of the stroke, putting strain on my teres major. It's sore, but should be fine in a day or two now that I'm no longer doing damage.

2012 bike position. Comfort and power.

I pushed myself fairly hard this week, but today is time to rest and regenerate. Friday is always a day off, which allows me to bury myself with hard training from Monday to Thursday both physically and psychologically; rest on the horizon makes it a little easier to go to the pool Thursday night instead of just collapsing into bed. I foam rolled my whole lower body this morning and we'll do some light walking this evening when we go into Toronto to have dinner with a friend of Tanker's visiting from Edmonton. That's it, unless we go for a quick stroll when we get home as well. Will be sure to get some good sleep tonight, then the long weekend will provide a great opportunity to dig another hole before a crash taper for Woodstock! Looking forward to some mountain biking and hopefully some paddling and an open water swim.

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