Friday, April 20, 2012

Growth and shrinking

One final note on Paris to Ancaster - I'd like to thank all of the volunteers and police officers who are such an essential part of the race. It goes without saying that these fine people give up their day to stand out in the wet while keeping us safe on the roads and providing valuable direction to addle-brained cyclists, not to mention much-appreciated cheers. I try to thank everyone along the course as I pass, but for any I forgot, I am truly grateful!

Towing someone up a hill, while another cyclists walks it.

The day is also made possible by the many land owners who generously allow two thousand people and bikes to run roughshod over their property. Many parts of the route are on private land, and it's only through the enthusiasm of the owners and the hard work of the organizers to maintain good relationships through the years that we're able to continue to enjoy the challenges that the terrain presents. It's wonderful to see some of these kind people out on their driveways and porches, clapping and smiling as wave after wave of mud-covered hooligans roll through their little slice of the landscape! I try to do my part by thanking them on my way by, and by refusing to litter - all gel packet pieces go back into a jersey pocket rather than being dropped on the ground.

Covered in mud.

Thus, I was very happy to hear that the organizers were able to donate $550 to the Langford Conservancy Co-operative; one of the private landowners who so graciously allow the Paris to Ancaster route to run through their property and advocates for the preservation of Brant county.

With P2A out of the way, my focus turns now to the Mudpuppy Chase 10k just over two weeks from now. My legs have been feeling pretty good on the run, and I've managed to put in a few pretty zippy kilometers lately. I've also continued my efforts to eat a little less, and been rewarded by my clothing fitting a bit looser. Here's the same shirt, pose and lighting as 6 weeks ago:

Think I've got a little more room in that top.

I'm also down about 3lbs from the last update, and very close to the lowest weight I hit in 2011 (which was toward the end of June, just before the Welland Half Iron). I would still like to drop a few more pounds, but I'm heading in the right direction without compromising my training or recovery.

There's one thing I'd greatly like to grow, though - my donation pot for KidsAbility! I implore you all to click the link and make a donation of whatever you can - even if it's just a dollar. You can use PayPal or any major credit card, and you'll receive a tax-deductible receipt. The best part of all is that you'll be funding programs for developmentally challenged children who need a little extra hand to reach their full potential. Please, show your generosity to KidsAbility - they do amazing work, and they need your help!

Watch the video above to see Graydon's journey with KidsAbility - thanks to donations from people like you, Graydon will be racing the 3k mini-Mudpuppy Chase on May 6th!

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