Thursday, February 23, 2012

I have rawkin' sponsors!

I'm not a fast athlete, but I tend to be a sociable one. I absolutely love chatting it up with people on the course, giving and receiving high fives, and offering a kind word to a fellow competitor who looks as though they may be having a tough time. Yeah, basically I don't shut up.

This seems to be working in my favour at the moment, though, as for 2012 I've managed to convince two great companies to sponsor me!

Compressport Canada is the Canadian retailer and wholesaler for Compressport products out of Switzerland. I first learned about the company through endurance junkie, liked what I saw, and ordered a pair of calf sleeves with the junkie logo on them. They quickly became my favourites for racing; they saw me through my first 6-hour trail ultra in October 2010 and my first half iron tri in June 2011, not to mention innumerable long runs. When I heard the company was looking for athletes for the 2012 season I balked at applying due to my "nothing special", middle-of-pack results, but a friend convinced me to throw my hat in the ring and it paid off hugely! The company is amazing, and they've given me a heap of great product in which to train and race!

My other sponsor is a result of friendship and amazing customer service - Olivier Mouyau from is a great guy who will bend over backwards to ensure you're happy! I first got to know Oli as the Canadian distributor for Kiwami; makers of the finest tri race apparel on which you'll ever lay hands. He was great at taking care of me then, but when he branched out into other product lines his commitment to customer service formed the very foundation of his new venture. He was even kind enough to bring in Bonk Breaker bars at my request - he was the first retailer in canada to have them! I've placed numerous orders with him in the past couple of years, and he's always gone above and beyond anything a customer could expect. He also does some amazing screening work, as evidenced by my new kit for 2012:

I'd like to thank both Compressport Canada and EuroTriShop for their faith in me - hope I can do you proud!


  1. That's awesome!!! I've heard of Kiwami but never used any of their stuff. Love you tri kits, great color scheme and the name well that's ingenious!!!!

    1. Thanks Jim! I feel like I should be giving you a shout-out in the Challenge Cairns article, too - I had great fun with our little friendly rivalry! :)

  2. FABulous Blog start K!!! I look forward to reading more :)I am only doing two Sprints this year...May 6th in St.Croix and the Gravenhurst Multisport...will you be in Gravenhurst??
    P.s. the new blogger word verification is SO hard to read...I would think about taking it off!?!?!

    1. Thanks Trace! I may try disabling the captcha, but it's the only thing standing between me and spambot posts. If I end up with viagra offers back it goes!
      Unfortunately I don't think I'll make Gravenhurst this year, though it's definitely on my must-do list - thinking about the triple race challenge for 2013. Hope you have a great season!


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